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Behind The Code- W/C 16.08.2021..

Behind The Code- W/C 16.08.2021.

W/C: 16/08/2021

What We’re Doing

We’re on the hunt for new blood to join us – including Front End and Back End Developers. We’ve also created an exciting new role of Technical Lead – that person is going to be integral in helping us build an even stronger team. Let us know if you’re interested!

The team has been growing recently, bringing us up to 14 people. A big Jump24 welcome to second Tim (Tim Print) and our second Chris. Chris Mellor shouldn’t be confused with Chris Miller but he will. It’s totally confusing. 

We’ve had office visits from our lovely comms specialist Maeve and her extremely cute sidekick Barney.

Planning is underway for the next instalment of Brum Tech Tapas in September. We’re staying virtual for this one. Look out for more about that soon.

What We’ve Learned

Our mantra of the week is “consistency is key”. Maintaining a consistent format of work helps us to share the load more effectively across the team, as we are more often sharing code to help resolve issues.  This is especially at this time of year when it feels like everyone – clients included – is on holiday.

We’ve also been reminded that “Collaboration creates confidence”. Sometimes, we aren’t sure if our solution is right or if there’s a more effective or efficient way to do the same thing. Taking a collaborative approach helps to create confidence in our code individually and it also helps us to get a better end result.

We’ve looked at how Laravel Resources work and clued ourselves up on some of the master tricks around how to best use them. More on that in a future post!

In Other News

With so much work on, our weekly office Mario Kart Tournament hasn’t been on for a few weeks.  Although a pattern is emerging – the tournament  seems to get postponed whenever Dan loses the week before.  

We’ll be attending Laracon in September. We’re looking forward to hearing from developers across the world about how they’re using Laravel and some of the newer features. More on that later! 

Chris Miller will be speaking at the virtual CakeFest in October. He’ll cover our standards and why we use them. Let us know if you’ll be dialling in to CakeFest or Laracon.

This week we showed our support for Larabelles, a community that we would love to see flourish as they work to make the world of Laravel more accessible to women, non-binary and trans developers. Also, Steve McDougall, who is doing some excellent work in the Laravel Community. Check out their respective Github sponsorship links, if you might be interested in doing the same: https://github.com/sponsors/larabelles and https://github.com/sponsors/juststeveking.

We sponsored a number of tickets to Laracon, which will help break down barriers and make the event accessible to more people. A few tickets are still available for sponsorship, so do your bit if you’ve got a bit of spare budget knocking around and book here: https://laracon.net/scholarship. Visit https://laraconscholarship.com/ if you’d like to apply for one of the free spots before 27 August.

Laravel Partner

We believe in giving back to the community and are the proud sponsors and organisers of the local PHP Meetup – BrumPHP. We champion Laravel and thought the next logical step was to show support by becoming a partner…so we did.