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Fulfilling the user’s needs: A UX Course Review.

Fulfilling the user’s needs: A UX Course Review

With a growing UX team, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to explore and develop our current design process and thinking. So, we decided to check out the UX Design Masterclass from Nguyen Le. This is an in-depth online design course that covers all aspects of the UX design process with practical, real life examples, tools and techniques.

What are UX and UX Design?

UX design is a process that aims to make the user experience as pleasurable as possible for the user. To quote Ngyuen: “User experience is all the touch points the user has with a product, service or brand across time.”

At Jump24, we value the quality of our code, aiming to maintain very high standards in our programming practices and standing firmly behind the principles of test driven development. Our developers  are always trying to improve and refine their processes to create the fastest and most reliable applications. We believe these same standards and principles should be applied to the user experience as well. There is little point in elegant, streamlined back end code if the user experience isn’t great – which is why we chose the Ngyuen’s Masterclass.

The course outline and concepts are flexible for any project size or constraints, allowing us to choose which tools will give us the best results.

Our top takeaways

Good UX design requires the designer to be empathetic to the needs of the user. We need to put ourselves in their shoes at every point in their interaction with our product. What are they trying to achieve? What are they thinking at each point? How can we make this task easier for them?

It was great to see that we had already been using some of the techniques and processes covered in the course, as well as hearing that there is no right or perfect way to carry out the UX process. As UX designers, we have to be flexible and creative in gathering and using the information we have in order to provide users with the best possible experience. Our process needs to be adaptable and flexible to different environments, timelines and projects.

The course is a valuable resource. We’ll go back to it when we need a refresh or new ideas for our next project. The videos and templates in each lesson provide a quick and easy way to get started, not to mention access to the great Slack community! If you’re interested in the visual design process, check out the Process Masterclass.

Laravel Partner

We believe in giving back to the community and are the proud sponsors and organisers of the local PHP Meetup – BrumPHP. We champion Laravel and thought the next logical step was to show support by becoming a partner…so we did.