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Mental Health Awareness Challenge- How did we do?.

Mental Health Awareness Challenge- How did we do?

June went by like an express train and July is almost over, we’ve already completed the first month of our mental health awareness challenge. After an argument with a flight of stairs, I’ve unfortunately had to pull out for a few weeks but I'm looking forward to getting stuck back in again.

What started off as a solo journey to 300,000 steps to improve my own wellbeing and mental health, quickly evolved into a lovely bunch of team members embarking on the journey with me.

Going from being unintentionally sedentary to a surprise burst of energy was less than calming in the first few days of the challenge.  Here’s how it went:

Day 1: 6am walk. 30 mins yoga. 30 mins Zumba. Long evening walk. 

Day 2: What the hell have I done? Why do I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus?! 

Day 3: I feel a little more alive

Day 4: Let’s do this! 

Having a goal of 300,000 steps to work to and a bit of healthy competition between the team was a definite booster.

So…let’s talk stats!

I managed to walk 317,796 steps in June and the team walked a combined total of 1,865,593 steps for the month, with a few carrying on into July and beyond.

You can keep up with the team’s progress over on our Twitter. Join in if you can and share your pics! 

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