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If you’re looking for a team of Laravel experts to build an API, an application, provide consultation or code audits, we’ve got you covered

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Why choose us for your Laravel project?


Principles and Process

We’ve developed a distinctive expertise and experience based approach to Laravel Development.  Our core principles ensure innovative and effective solutions that resonate in today’s digital landscape.

We recognise that every project is unique and that when appropriate flexibility is needed. This understanding drives our development process, allowing us to blend established standards seamlessly with project-specific needs.

Through static analysis and test-driven development, we deliver not just high quality code, but reliability and innovation with every Laravel-powered solution.


Proven track record

We are a trusted development partner to businesses worldwide, with over a decade of experience serving clients in 10+ countries and across 25 diverse industries, spanning multiple time zones. 



We know our Laravel

We’ve been using Laravel on a daily basis for over a decade so, there isn’t much we don’t know about the framework. We also know how to use our knowledge and experience to translate your requirements into tangible results.

How our Laravel expertise can help.

We’ve helped many businesses with their SaSS products and internal applications as well as helping startups grow their ideas across multiple industries. Here’s a selection of just some of the products we’ve built:

  • An online automotive auction start up which sold to one of the largest international auction houses.
  • A custom student reporting system for one of the countries leading independent schools.
  • A data analysis web application for a cutting-edge marketing start-up.
  • The API and Club Portal that drives an IOS and Android app cycling social network launched by an Olympic champion.
  • A bespoke sales management web application for an international air travel organisation.
  • The API that delivers data to multiple platforms for a mental health and wellness start up.
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Team Augmentation

Whether you are a startup looking to scale up rapidly or an established company seeking specialised expertise, we offer you the flexibility to outsource a dynamic and high-performing Laravel team tailored to your unique requirements. See our ‘Team Augmentation’ page for more information.

Rescue Projects

There are numerous and varied reasons why software projects don’t run smoothly or stall. Over the years, we’ve rescued many Laravel projects, overcoming challenges and pushing them over the finish line. See our ‘Rescue projects’ page for more information.

Application Development

We offer a full development service from UX, design, development through to deployment and run services. We pride ourselves on our coding standards, so everything we write is tested before it’s shipped out.

Code Audit

If you have an existing code base that you’d like to be reviewed by an independent third party, we can help. We can check for any potential issues, vulnerabilities and suggest improvements.

Infrastructure and Hosting

We have a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in specifying the right infrastructure for Laravel projects. We will help you to choose the right technology now and also have our eyes on the future, considering how we can scale and boost your setup as your business takes off. See our ‘Infrastructure and Hosting’ page for more information.


We can advise you on different techniques and processes that can be put in place when upgrading your PHP framework to Laravel, as well as having a developer on hand to guide your in house team.

Maintenance & Support

We can also help with the maintenance of your existing Laravel application. Offering upgrade solutions as well as helping you develop new features to help your business.

We’re also experienced in

The power of the Laravel framework..

Laravel is used to build a wide range of software applications. With a solid foundation it allows you the flexibility to create a multitude of applications, including:

  • Content management systems
  • Complex, enterprise level websites
  • E-commerce systems
  • APIs delivering data to mobile apps
  • Customer facing web applications
  • Internal business specific web applications

Rapid Development

Laravel provides a robust set of tools and features that make it easy to develop web applications quickly and efficiently. Faster development times mean lower costs and quicker results for your business.


Security is a concern for all companies. You need to protect your users’ personal data and be confident that your application is not vulnerable to attack. Laravel has top of the line security built in, protecting against SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, cross-site scripting, and more.


Websites and applications that respond quickly typically receive more traffic, have better conversion rates and rank more highly in searches. Laravel is designed to be fast, with caching and caching integrations built in. It is one of the highest performing PHP frameworks available.


As demand for any software grows, stresses are put on the performance, complexity and reliability of the application. Laravel is well equipped to cope with these stresses, it provides an array of tools and techniques which can be implemented to scale up your application without having to completely rebuild or change technology. Laravel can and does handle applications with millions of requests per day.

Easy Maintenance

Websites and applications built in Laravel are generally easy to maintain over time. The clean, well documented code means it is easy for developers to pick up where others left off. Backwards compatibility between versions means that it won’t break with updates. Laravel’s place as the most popular PHP framework means that there are many experienced developers available.


Laravel is an open source framework, meaning there are no direct costs for using it. The features that Laravel provides enable applications to be built extremely quickly, making it an incredibly cost effective choice compared to other technologies and frameworks.


Laravel provides built in routing features which make it simple to provide your website or application in multiple languages without compromising SEO in each region.

Ecosystem and Community

Laravel has a vibrant community and a vast ecosystem of packages and extensions. It is in active development and gaining in popularity every year. It is a tried and trusted choice for your business.

Some of our clients

We helped the Jamie Oliver digital team roll out JUM!, their new recipe subscription service. Our team worked alongside the internal team, leading the API development in their Laravel back-end system.

“We needed to quickly augment our team with additional Laravel skills. Jump24 stepped up and added a high quality engineer to our team. They hit the ground running, improving code quality and getting onto the most critical tasks. We really appreciated that we also got the support and backing of the wider Jump team in terms of code review, architecture and best practices.”

Andrew Rollason – Head of Software Engineering, Jamie Oliver Group

We worked closely with The Market for 5 years, taking full responsibility for the digital platform that powers their business. We played a key role in the success of the platform up until it’s sale to Bonhams in 2021. We continue to support the Bonhams team providing consultancy and resources to assist their growing in-house team.

“Jump24 has been instrumental in the success of themarket.co.uk. As our core development partner, the team helped us to create the UK’s most sophisticated and successful Classic Car Auction platform.”

Mark Livesy – Head of UK, The Market

We were approached by professional cyclist Jacques Sauvagnargues and his former Team Wiggins teammate and Olympic Gold Medalist, Tom Pidcock, to build a web based cycling club management system for their new cycling app, Link My Ride. The platform aims to take on global players like Strava. Link My Ride was launched to a global audience. The new web-based portal allows cycling clubs to have a presence of that app which became a lynchpin of the marketing activity surrounding the launch.

“Working with Jump24 brings so much value to Link My Ride. They have integrated themselves seamlessly into the project, guiding us on every little detail. Their experience and knowledge is very reassuring and the whole Link My Ride team feel they are in safe hands. I’m very excited to continue working with Jump”

Jacques Sauvagnargues, Co-Founder, Link My Ride

We refactored several of Hospitable’s microservices applying Laravel best practices and reducing technical debt to maximise the efficiency of future developments. Our developers worked closely with the engineering team at Hospitable, first identifying the areas for improvements and prioritising the roadmap to deliver maximum impact in the shortest time frame possible.

“We now have a Jump24 powered team working autonomously in different parts of our codebases. The team have really taken ownership of their tasks and challenges, integrating themselves into the Hospitable team with no effort at all. I couldn’t recommend them enough.”

Sam Jones – Engineering Lead, Hospitable

Luscid approached us with a revolutionary idea for a product that can help businesses identify the optimum sponsorship partners to maximise their exposure and ROI. We helped them get off the ground by architecting and building a solution using Laravel and Vue, that draws in data from various sources. We helped them to quickly get the product to a point where it could start to generate revenue and sustain further development of Luscid.


We initially started working with Elveguiden, supporting them with technical consultancy to alleviate performance bottlenecks they were experiencing during periods of high traffic. After a successful initial engagement we’ve worked with them on several projects across their marketplace which sells fishing holidays and experiences to customers throughout Europe. Elveguiden have utilised our Team Augmentation model to the fullest extent to scale their team to react to seasonal demand.

“Elveguiden has had the pleasure of working with Jump24 on multiple occasions. Our experience is that Jump24 is a very professional company with lovely people, highly skilled developers and project managers within their domains. Whenever we need assistance in a new or ongoing project, Jump24 always is quick to work out a solution for us. We are always very satisfied with the end result! “

Eyvind Gjertsen, CTO

We support Veygo’s marketing team, developing their customer facing website focusing on performance and search engine optimisation. We work closely with their team to assess optimisations and generate constant and iterative improvements that have resulted in increased traffic to the website and sales.

“There’s clear communication for progress and a great understanding of the tech we’re working with. Sometimes I forget Jump are an agency, as they just feel part of our team.”

Simon Jones – Head of Brand, Veygo

Community and thoughts

The Laravel framework allows us to build incredible software every day. We show our appreciation through partnerships, sponsorship and community outreach. As well as sharing our knowledge and experience with the framework.

We sponsor events including:

We run our own events to promote PHP in our local community

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Laravel Partner

Since 2014, we’ve built, managed and upgraded Laravel applications of all types and scales with clients from across the globe. We are one of Europe’s leading Laravel development agencies and proud to support the framework as an official Laravel Partner.

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Vue Experts

We use Vue alongside Laravel on many of our projects. We have grown our team of experts and invested heavily in our knowledge of Vue over the last five years.

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