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Getting to know your business.

Before we start any project we like to get to know our clients and find out a little about you.

What is the culture of your business, your ethos as well as your current and future goals? The more we get to know about your story, the easier it is to craft something which reflects you and your business.

Working with Startups.

Tristan Judge The Market

“Jump24 have been instrumental in the success of themarket.co.uk. As our core development partner, they have helped us to create the UK’s most sophisticated and successful Classic Car Auction platform.

We love startups – so much so, we still consider ourselves one, even though we’ve been in business since 2014.

As a startup – you’ll know all about the pressures of growing your customer base alongside managing the technology needed for your day to day business.

Working with you as a development partner, we aim to integrate with your team as much as possible, acting as a remote “in-house” resource for you.

From helping you to build Agile and SCRUM processes into your development flows, to delivering artisan high availability APIs and brainstorming ideas that will help promote your Unique Selling Point – when we work with you, whatever makes your company shine is at the forefront of our minds.

Example Startups…

  • buffer
  • interactive-fish
  • the market logo
  • wondr

Working with Enterprises.

Bex Lee-Hagger Go Car Credit

“Outsourcing our development was a major change for our business, however we have been working with Jump24 for just under 3 years now and it has been a very successful partnership. Not only did they take on the challenge of our legacy platform, they also helped us greatly improve and modernise it. They have worked closely with us to deliver key business initiatives and changes to our internal systems. Their knowledge of our business and systems means we have a complete 360 feedback and ideas loop – which is invaluable to the progress and growth of our business. Jump24 have been, and continue to be a pleasure to work alongside.

As an established enterprise, we understand you’ve got to safeguard the stability of your current infrastructure just as much as your customers and your staff – or even your brand identity.

Sometimes, with legacy systems that are inflexible – the requirements of platform stability and a high throughput of meaningful features for a customer – can seem like they’re unachievable.

Luckily – we can work through this for you – and either help bring your platform up to modern standards, or transition you away from your current solution with a managed road map.

And if you’re looking for something new, to sit in the middle – or at the front – of a web of other applications and services – we can make you shine.

Example Enterprises…

  • gcc
  • pollinate logo
  • tyl

Working with Agencies.

Adam Cox DRP Group

“We’ve worked with Jump24 for some time now, and keep coming back for more. We’re able to seamlessly integrate their team members with ours, easily adapting them to our own processes workflow and stack.

Sometimes you might need additional capacity or to bring in different skillsets to help to get your client’s dream over the line.

As a development partner for agencies, we can integrate with your existing project and team structures, to provide you with the extra hands you need in those urgent moments.

Alternatively if you need us to, we can even liaise with your clients directly, or provide the delivery of the full project, right through from concept and out into production.

Example Agencies…

  • drp logo

Laravel Partner

For a long time now at Jump24, we’ve believed in giving back to the community. We’ve been a proud sponsor of the local PHP meetup BrumPHP which we’re currently running. We thought the next logical step was to help show our support for Laravel by becoming a partner.