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Mental Health Awareness Challenge.

Mental health is important 365 days of the year, not just during a week in May.

There are a multitude of things we can do to help keep our mental health on a more even keel. For many, it may be something with a social element – cycling, running, reading, group classes, dancing, listening to music, DIY. The list is endless. 

Exercise and designated “me time” are two of the things I use to get the endorphins pumping. Spending time with furry friends has given me no end of joy after years of planning and they are a definite happy hormone boost. 

Physical health and mental health are often tied together for many of us. So after Mental Health Awareness Week, I was inspired to push myself to complete a challenge that will help both my physical and mental health for the rest of 2022 and who knows…maybe beyond. 

I’ll be taking on a different challenge each month – from 10,000 steps a day, to carving daily mindfulness sessions, to see how it improves my mental health and wellbeing, my energy and ability to focus. The challenges will get me out of my comfort zone, but I know they will have a positive impact on my everyday life.

I put the idea to the Jump24 team and low and behold some of them volunteered to join in with me (for the first month at least!). 
Follow my journey to 300,000 steps in June over on Twitter, and join in if you can!

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