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Tools of our trade.

But when it came down to the way we use PHP straight away we knew as a company that we wanted to standardise our development process as this would help us deliver the kind of quality we were looking for in the applications we ship to the client.

Tools of our trade

Throughout the team, we’ve used our fair share of different PHP frameworks. For us, the choice of PHP Framework boiled down to several essential factors.

  • Testing we’re heavily focussed on testing at Jump24 so for us a framework that allows us to quickly put together tests and have a much higher test coverage was a must.
  • Community as we were going to be using the framework daily, it was necessary to us that there was a good community utilising the framework.
  • Maintainability how often is the framework updated, are there new releases scheduled and new features added, how quickly are bugs being addressed.
  • Does it fit us? Even after ticking off the above the final question for us was does it fit in with the way we want to develop as a team

Based on this, we decided upon a framework that worked for us. The outcome was Laravel. It allowed us to develop anything from scalable, robust applications to small microservices in a way that we felt comfortable doing. It has excellent community support behind it, and Taylor Otwell is building out various apps that help you as a development team to deploy applications to your infrastructure, set up new servers at the click of a button and many more.

Who we are

Using Laravel has allowed us to enjoy working with PHP again, the team have been able to develop elegantly structured codebases (if we do say so ourself) backed up with Unit and Integration tests.

So if you’re looking for a team to help out with your next application or if you already have an app that you need a team to take over and developer further then drop us a line and say hello.

Laravel Partner

Since 2014, we’ve built, managed and upgraded Laravel applications of all types and scales with clients from across the globe. We are one of Europe’s leading Laravel development agencies and proud to support the framework as an official Laravel Partner.

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Vue Experts

We use Vue alongside Laravel on many of our projects. We have grown our team of experts and invested heavily in our knowledge of Vue over the last five years.

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