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What I’ve learned in 12 months at Jump24.

I started work for Jump24 on the 26th November 2018, having worked for a Website Design Agency previously for 12 months. In that time I have learned so much more than I thought possible. So I thought people would like a peek inside what you can learn at Jump24 as a new employee.

Team work makes the dream work.

This is the oldest cliche in the book – but here at Jump24 it’s true – every single member of the team works together to ensure everyone gets the best – both our clients and our staff members.

No one is made to feel like they’re on their own with a problem. No one feels like they have to battle through to do things alone.

Code review is not your enemy.

There’s often an attitude of dread when it comes to time to put in a Pull Request in this industry – here at Jump24 Code review is a time to be celebrated. A time to be enjoyed. There’s never a negative attitude behind comments on Pull Requests, in fact it’s always the reverse, it’s always about how you can end up with better code, and a better result at the end of it. Often there will be suggestions/comments about things you’ve never thought about.

Testing makes your life easier.

Testing here at Jump24 is the key to making sure our code works the way we expect it to – and making sure the system we build meets the requirements of the client.

When I came to Jump24, I’d not done much in the way of testing. The testing learning curve was steep, so steep I’m still climbing it. One thing I do know is this: Testing is essential to making your life easier.

Laravel Partner

We believe in giving back to the community and are the proud sponsors and organisers of the local PHP Meetup – BrumPHP. We champion Laravel and thought the next logical step was to show support by becoming a partner…so we did.